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R.A.B. Stands for Radio Advertising Bureau

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

erica farber cundill

Erica Farber is the CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau in the United States. And the picture says it all: She loves radio! If you ever get the feeling that no one has your back in radio, stop by the website and you will remember the great things radio has going for it. There are tools, tips and tricks for non-members, but as we discussed - membership does have its privileges.She has a storied career that spans great decades at stations with legendary call letters. (Think KRTH, KABC and KIIS in Los Angeles) Many who enjoyed their radio years where an R&R magazine circulated the building, will remember her columns and contributions, including the infamous "back page". Titles like Publisher, COO and CEO came quickly after.

You will be able to meet Erica across North America this year, including at the Western Association of Broadcasters Conference which will be held in Banff June 7th and 8th.

Finally, the R.A.B.have launched a new podcast called Radio on Main Street. Please subscribe to the podcast!


The entire media landscape continues to undergo a paradigm shift driven by technology adoption and alternative platforms of content consumption. things like Facebook, Google and perhaps even podcasting have already changed the way you do business. But what’s next? And how is your organization adapting to these changes? What’s your plan for the next 3, 5, 10 years? what will your company look like then, what will your job look like? NLogic, sponsors of this podcast, believes in the power of radio and its potential to evolve in this changing landscape. technology and data will be two key drivers of this new world, and nlogic has the expertise to bring these two together to help you transform your business to focus on growth. they offer strategic insights, customizable products, market perspectives and their personal commitment to help you make sense of your Canadian radio and television audiences; and ultimately, they’ll help you grow your business.


Also this week, we flash back to the launch of WKTU in New York. Or you can just listen to it right here right now.


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