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Jamie Watson on Writing, Voicing, Promos & Voicing Promos.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Jamie Watson is more than just another radio voice. He also writes, and work with producers to get make the promos he voices entertaining as well as informative. I had the opportunity to work with Jamie for close to 8 years, and we still collaborate occasionally.

How often do you write something once, produce it and then forget about it? That happens at a lot of radio stations and the result is generally a bland piece with a laundry list of sponsors and doggie commands that leave the listener somewhere between irritated or at best, unmoved. In this episode, Jamie shares his writing and voicing process on how some of his best work comes together - and we use lots of examples. If it read as a recipe:

1 Producer + 1 Writer + 1 Voice + (Collaboration + Passion) = An amazing promo

If you would like to have Jamie be a part of your station, he has just put together a new website which you can get to by clicking here.

Over the course of the many years I have worked with Jamie, he has shown me a few voice over tricks of the trade to help me get started with my voice over and voice acting career. I hold him equally responsible (along with Blair Bartrem, PD of Q107) for moving me in the MAC direction with software programs like Twisted Wave, and using an Apogee Duet to create great sound for my clients on the road. Those tools are also used to put this podcast together weekly. I don't want to speak for the show's producer Evan, but working with Jamie makes you a better producer, as well as voice over artist.

Here's a sample of what Jamie makes for radio stations.


This week I am on the road again to visit more great places. I will be in Green Bay this weekend for the annual NFL Trip to see the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. I am a Bills fan but these are the perks when you pair up with a Packer Backer. The NFL is back and this is my favourite time of year! Yes the mop and Bucket for Chicken wings is a thing!


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