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Art Vuolo: Radio's Best Friend

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Art Vuolo is our featured guest this week. Art Vuolo is radio's best friend. In this episode we will tell you why he is and revisit his biggest achievements including having his work prominently displayed in the National Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago, and being a recipient of the Rockwell award at the Conclave in 2001.

Art's Radio Guide was a mid-west fixture in the 80's at gas stations; helping motorists find a station to listen to. All the while upselling radio stations for prominent positions on the guide, and selling additional ad space to other clients.

Three generations of future radio personalities have been ordering VHS tapes from Art Vuolo. Those tapes would generally be the highlight event at a jock meeting.

Art's latest video venture is the 50th Anniversary reunion of WRKO. Order your tape here. Five dollars from each double DVD will go to the Broadcasters Fund of America.

Visit the exhibit at the National Radio Hall of Fame online through their website or facebook page


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