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Gary Begin and his Book of Radio

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In this week's episode, Matt visits with radio consultant Gary Begin, the president and owner of Sound Advantage Media. Gary has over thirty years of radio programming experience in small and medium American markets in Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, and Maine. On top of his work with Sound Advantage Media, where he delivers full-service programming, marketing/branding, promotions, research and operational consulting to radio stations; Gary also owns Gary Begin Voice Talent for his voice talent services.

Matt was happy to sit down with Gary and chat about his approach to social media; Gary always seems to find his way onto Matt's social media feed -- sure, it could just be a matter of algorithm linking up Matt's favourite hashtags -- #podcasting #radio #radiobroadcasting... -- but who knows?! Maybe he has a few tricks up his sleeve Matt doesn't already know.

During their visit, Radio Programming and Banding: The Ultimate Podcasting and Radio Branding Guide and the work he does with his company. The book is designed to equip broadcasters, radio bloggers, radio entrepreneurs and students with the tools to launch and run their own radio program or station.

If you're looking to hone your craft and develop a winning brand that attracts attention, followership, and, ultimately, advertisers; you reach out to him for a free consultation here:


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