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35 Years of Jacobs Media

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Fred Jacobs was a guest on Episode 53 in a preview to the Broadcasters Meet Podcasters sessions at Podcast Movement in 2017. I have always wanted to do an episode where we looked back at the evolution of his company and a tweet on the 35th anniversary of the company's creation reminded me that it's a good time to have that chat. We cover the creation of classic rock, his transition from the WRIF in Detroit to Jacobs Media, and his relationship to Buffalo where had a great success, a small failure, and a life long September 11th memory.

We also talked a bunch about the discipline in writing a daily blog, the age of acceleration, the importance of non-radio conferences like the CES and Podcast Movement and the importance of networking, meeting people and attending cocktail parties.

There have been many great people who have appeared on this podcast who have worked (or still work) at Jacobs Media, including Lori Lewis, Seth Resler and Dave Beasing.


Fred mentioned the name of Kashmir Birk whom he sat with on a panel, you can connect with his LinkedIn page here.

From the Show:


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