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BJ Shea: Champion For the Common Man

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

BJ Shea is the morning show host at the legendary KISW in Seattle. The BJ and Migs show has anchored the station since 2005; if you aren't familiar with KISW, it's the famous underground and later grunge station that's been home to great DJ personalities such as Bob Rivers, Howard Stern, Gary Crow, Mike West, and more.

BJ Shea currently hosts the 5AM-10AM morning show, BJ & Migs, on KISW with his co-host, Steve Migs. Imagine being a fly on the wall of a group of friends that goof on one another, while making each other laugh & think. That is what listening to BJ & Migs is all about. BJ Shea is trying to do a show, but Steve Migs is incapable of taking anything seriously. The Rev likes to nerd-rage, Vicky’s mind is always in the gutter, and Danny is busy watching Titanic and listening to Good Charlotte. Oh...and BJ’s kids, Joe and Sara, are here and we are not sure why...other than to make BJ miserable (these are BJ's words, don't look at me!).

BJ also appears as a co-host of Geek Nation, a geek-centric podcast about all things nerdy, from movies and television to tech and comics. Check out an episode of this podcast linked below, where BJ reviews the latest comics from Spiderman, Oblivion Song, and Fantastic Four, and deep dives into a crazy new SyFy show. It's good, solid fun, with the added flavour of some good recommendations for new binge-worthy content.


We talked a lot about Tom Leykis. You can heard the episode we did with him here.


Click here to listen to Geek Nation Episode, "The Eagle Has Landed"

Bob Rivers: Where is He Now?

You may know of Bob Rivers from his DJ antics, but what has he been up to these days? Before BJ joined the ranks of KISW, his predecessor was belting out Christmas tune parodies (his album, Twisted Christmas, was certified Gold from the Recording Industry Association of America), spending 11 days on-the-air during a Baltimore Orioles losing streak, and appearing as an extra in Star Trek: Enterprise. But what is he up to now? Well, guess what? He's got a podcast! Bob co-hosts The Bob & Zip Show with Ed Kelly where they discuss absolutely everything from world events to television and beyond. He's still making parody tunes; check out his latest below, entitled "You Gotta Wash Your Hands", the content of which should be pretty self-explanatory.

Listen to Bob's newest twisted tune below:

Remembering Steve Young

BJ had the distinct honour of working with one of the great radio programmers of our time, Steve Young. By all accounts, he was a fabulous mentor, a great friend, and simply one of the most talented radio programmers ever in Canada. Here's a tribute to Steve, written by Jaye Albright, that sums up his presence and impact perfectly:

"Young spent eight years working with Jones Radio Networks (now Dial-Global) where resonances of his smile will long reverberate in the halls, he had programmed such high-profile stations as WAXQ (Q104.3)/New York, KISW/Seattle, CJAY/Calgary and CITI-FM/Winnipeg. He also was operations director of WNEW/New York and spent some time as Nationwide's western region group PD, overseeing a roster that included KLUC/Las Vegas and KRQQ/Tucson. He joined Jones Radio Networks in October 2000 as director of rock and pop programming, transitioning to senior programming consultant when the company became Dial-Global in June. Young started consulting at Joint Communications Corp. in 1986, and eventually opened his own firm, Youngradio Management, in 1995, working with a lineup that included WHTZ (Z100), WKTU and WTJM (Jammin 105) in New York.

At WAXQ, Steve took the station from a 22nd place ranking in the 25-54 demographic and in three Arbitrons, moved it to 5th place in the New York metro. Steve also served as a research consultant for Z-100, WKTU and WTJM during his time with AM/FM Inc. Steve worked on the air in several Canadian markets at such stations as CJFM, a Montreal Hot Adult Contemporary station; CKRC, a CHR in Winnipeg; and CITI FM an Album Rock station also in Winnipeg.

Trained in Communications at York University in Toronto, Steve was also the Program Director of one of the first campus radio stations in Canada, for two years.

To say the least, he was an expert in research analysis and strategic thinking, database marketing, and talent development. Steve was reportedly struck by a heart attack on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas, was hospitalized and died Monday.

Young unselfishly gave his intelligence, friendship and enduring wit to those of us whose lives he touched during his 32 years spanning all aspects of radio, on-air and management."

For more on BJ, check out the KISW website, or follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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