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Dani Stover: It's Her Coming Out of the Speakers

Updated: Feb 1

The last time we had Dani Stover on the show, she was between opportunities and wondering what her relationship with radio should be shaped like. It turns out that she has answered that question and the answer is a new role in the evenings on 640 Toronto. Over the last while she has been producing alongside daytime host Kelly Cutrara and now Dani takes control of 7-10pm in the region on 640 Toronto, 900 CHML Hamilton and 980 CFPL in London.

In this episode, Dani and I dive into what we expect to hear in the evenings in Toronto, why this position is the best one for her right now and what we can expect when she launches the new 640 Toronto Podcast in the coming weeks or months. We also dug into the silliness of social media and what constitutes the right amount of usage for her needs.

In addition, Dani is also launching her own podcast! On February 22, 2023, she'll start bringing you updates on the biggest stories in Toronto from her show, Today In TO. It's a great way to stay caught up amid the hustle and bustle of Canada's biggest city. Check out the trailer below:


When Life Gives You Parkinsons

Shoutout to Larry Gifford who is the lead of News/Talk content at Corus. His When Life gives You Parkinsons Podcast deserve your attention and I would like to personally thank him for inspiring me to do the Sound Off Podcast. His Radio Stuff podcast came before this one and encouraged me to start this. ~Matt




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