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Dean and The Sound Off Podcast Network have announced a partnership to create Canada’s largest community of independent content creators for podcast and video. The agreement will see the groups share resources for content creation, analytics, marketing solutions, monetization, programmatic opportunities, and audience growth.

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“The biggest question I have fielded from creators over the last year has been about implementing a video strategy. Dean’s group have been working with our team to highlight best practices in getting videos in front of faces, and similarly, the Sound Off Media Company has a proven track record in building audiences through podcasts. 

“We’re creating one of Canada’s largest content hubs where creators retain their intellectual property and monetize it across multiple platforms. We believe that the future is the creator owning their digital assets.” Says Cundill. 

The Sound Off Podcast Network collaborates with top shows like The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll, Jeff Woods’ Radio Records and Rockstars, Marla Barr’s Your Wellness Journey, Writing Class Radio, and Canada’s leading podcast on Insurance, The Insurance Podcast with Pete Tessier and Curt Wyatt. 


Matt Cundill

Dean Blundell