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Paige Neinaber: The Minister of Good Times

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Paige Nienaber knows radio promotions and marketing. He's been involved with some really big ones - and one that I definitely remember because I saw it play out on CNN. (Wild's infamous Haircut on the Bridge). In this episode, I ask Paige all about what makes a radio promotion successful, and how they changed over the course of the pandemic.

In this episode, you'll hear a conversation about radio promotions that I have been planning since I first met Paige in 2016. We discuss the anatomy of a great radio promotion and touch on a few of the famous ones that have taken place over the years, including Mancow Muller's Bay Bridge Haircut, and a lottery contest that didn't pass the legal test. One thing is evident: The same elements that made promotions successful in the 80's, still exist today. Paige also touched on the success of the Secret Sound contest which is on air now at 99.7 Now in San Francisco.

If your station would like to bolster its promotions game, Reach out to Paige on this website. or call him at +1 (651) 247 4056.

We also made mention of Paige's website Hotel Nightmares. You can see all the horror here.


You're invited to join CPR PROMOTIONS' PAIGE NIENABER, who will host a webinar on "Helping Radio Prepare For The 20th Anniversary Of 9/11."

The free event happens on THURSDAY, JULY 29th from 1-1:45p (EDT).


Paige also has a podcast that you should Follow. Free Promo ideas delivered to your phone! I posted both the Apple and the Spotiify Embeds because I wanted to see how they looked. I would prefer to use neither... I always believe that your podcast host should have the best one. If it doesn't, get another podcast host.


Of note - this episode was recorded using Squadcast and this is the first episode with their new Dolby Voice feature. Use the promo code soundoff for up to a free month off of the Indie audio plan ($20 of value) in addition to the free 7-day trial.


Paige also appeared at the NextRadio conference in 2016. This is similar to the Conclave experience that we spoke about... without the shock collar.



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