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Christopher Ward's Book of Much

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Christopher Ward was one of the first Much Music VJ's. (If I have to explain what a VJ is, then this episode is too old for you; go back to Bottle Flipping.)

His new book is called Is This Live? Inside the Wild Early Years of Much Music: The Nation's Music Station. There's a lot we forgot or don't know about the station's early years. Partly because not everyone had the channel for the first few years; it was not apart of the basic cable package until 1987. That led to some lean years budget wise. And this is where the genius of programming head John Martin came in: He hired creative types who knew how to fill a blank canvas. Enter Christopher Ward. You can learn a lot from the past. Being challenged by budget can always be overcome by hiring creative people who can fill the space.

Other things I forgot about: The first female VJ was Catherine McClanahan, not Erica Ehm, that I once wrote to MuchMusic and complained, and how often Christopher's friend Mike Meyers would appear on the station.

Christopher left for reasons that were all too obvious; writing and producing Alannah Myles' number one song in 1989, "Black Velvet". He told me about the joys of having a number one song on his resume.

Finally, Christopher alluded to a broadcast project he and his fellow VJ's have been working on, and information on that will fill this space in the near future.

Another book of note - author James Rosone has released the latest in his series of books. To read more about the book, please click here or on the book cover.

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