• Matt Cundill

The View From the Kowch

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

My podcast is about broadcast. It's only fitting that I get the author of a book called "99 Things You Wish you Knew Before You Made it Big In Media". Steve Kowch is the author but over the years I have known him as the program director of CJAD 800 in Montreal and later on News Talk 1010AM CFRB in Toronto.

After he was let go from CFRB, he made a natural segue to teaching, consulting, and talent coaching with his company Kowch Media.

If this wasn't a podcast about broadcast, I probably would have spoken to Steve about every news event he ever covered. (Oka, PQ governments, Rob Ford, The Poly Technique shooting which happened on this day in 1989) Each one of those experiences in covering news made him more knowledgeable, and his news teams better.

If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION with Steve, just e-mail him here. If you are new to podcasting and would like to get started properly, I recommend you have a look at his section on PODCAST COACHING.

If you would like to purchase the book for the Media person in your life, click on the banner below.

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