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The Spirit of David Marsden

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

David Marsden was inducted in the Canadian Music Industry and Broadcast Hall of Fame back in 2011. Most of us might consider hitting the beach at that point, but David carries the Spirit of Radio onward with NY The Spirit - a high quality streaming free form station whose sound rivals that of any FM product, and complements the former sound of the legendary version of CFNY. David penned an editorial for FYI Music News, citing the disconnect between radio and millennials. I wanted to know more about the man who had propelled CFNY to great notoriety in the 80's, what he is up to today, and what radio can do to reconnect with the "connected".

Over the weekend, Scruff Connors passed away. Having worked in many markets across Canada and a stint in Philadelphia, Scruff left his mark with everyone. The tributes are far and wide and I will endeavor to keep this page updated:

If you would like to send a note of condolence to his son TJ, click here.

Eric Samuels was Scruff's program director at HTZ-FM and the Bear in Edmonton. Eric's Facebook post was posted on Puget Sound Radio.

Paul Morris worked with Scruff at 97.7 HTZ FM in St. Catherines, and posted some old clips. Timing is everything and the early 90's were probably Scruff's most notorious.

Humble and Fred spoke about Scruff on their show Monday, December 19, 2016.

If you have any others to contribute - I would be happy to add it to the page.

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