• Matt Cundill

Sportscasting: That's Where the Fun Is

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Sports is fast becoming the format of choice for graduating media students. With the commodity value of music at an all time low, and news becoming polarizing and at time "fake", Sports broadcasting attracting aspiring millennial broadcasters.

Alex Rawnsley is the owner and creator of - a website designed to help Sportscasters get better at their craft. He has made available all the things he wished he had when he was developing as a sportscaster. After spending a few minutes on the site, having access to score sheets and quick tips on building storyboards was interesting. There are many other resources on the site.

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We also hear from Logan Anderson and his podcast "Say the Damn Score!". Check out his podcast but clicking here. And a plug for Jason Barrett and the Barrett Sports Media Awards. Please take the survey to help determine who the best in Sports Broadcasting is for 2016.

Jason will be a guest again on our podcast in February.

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