• Matt Cundill

Randi Chase Up and Down the Dial

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Randi Chase epitomizes the lyric in the WKRP theme song, "Town to Town; Up and Down the Dial." The lyric conjures up images of jocks, successful or fired, who shuffle on to the next gig with a new town and call letters. Randi worked in 6 of Canada's top 10 markets before turning 30. After taking a year off to find out what happens when you take the radio out of Randi, she is back on air and having fun with in her favourite province with Vinnie Taylor on Newcap's Real Country 95.5.

Randi is an enthusiastic dog-lover and country music buff who as dar as we can tell is nearly in love with Garth Brooks. She's spent the bulk of her career in radio, working with stations like KISS 92.5 and 104.5 CHUM in Toronto, as a Bell Media morning show host in Calgary, with KISS 104.9, or most recently with Newcap Radio in Red Deer.

I had the chance to work with Randi in Montreal and never stopped following her career as it progressively took her west. If it sounds like two old friends catching up, it's because that's exactly what this episode is.

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