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This is Julie Adam

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Julie Adam is the Senior VP of Radio at Rogers. Often I will receive suggestions about who they want on the podcast and her name comes up often. This episode was recorded on a morning when radio ratings for the diary markets were released so we talked methodology and ratings returns, Radioplayer Canada, making mistakes and owning them (with some pretty impressive humility), and how radio and podcast can coexist.

I had a half hour of questions scheduled but we carried the conversation on to cover talent, why Julie asked me a few questions about podcast. We also talk a bit about what doesn't keep her up at night... and even though she suffers from no sleep problems whatsoever (jealous...), we talk about what's the most important thing in radio: the people, the on-air talent, and watching them succeed. We even cover her mis-spent youths in Toronto creating mixed tapes alongside fellow Acadia University alumni, Lexie Badali.

In May at Canadian Music Week, Julie Adam appeared on a panel entitled "The Future Is Female: Leading Women Tackle #MeToo, #TimesUp and Equality in the Workplace". Expect to hear a few words from Ruby Carr about this very special panel. Ruby is the recent winner of the Allan Waters Young Broadcaster of the Year Award in memory of Steve Young. Ruby Carr will be on the podcast next week and we can't wait to congratulate her on her big win at CMW.

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