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  • Matt Cundill

Being Graham Mosimann

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

I hired Graham Mosimann back in 2014. I had to be reminded that I had lured him out of Grande Prairie, Alberta to come to Winnipeg to be music director and be our evening personality. In the ensuing months, the station went through a number of changes including the person hiring him getting fired, everyone else getting fired, and then a re-brand that saw the station's share get cut in half.

In the ensuing months, Graham landed at the Bridge in Lethbridge, Alberta and eventually at one of Canada's best radio stations in X92.9 Calgary's Alternative; hired by Christian Hall who was the subject of a past episode with is well worth listening to if you want to grow your personal brand.

Graham's journey is more than just radio. He admits that he has found a way to get it together and change his life for the better; and drop a ton of weight as well.

And yes - we did dig into his affinity for Edmonton sports teams.

#calgary #Alternative