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There's No Episode to Hear Here

This week I spent some time looking out the window and thinking about a lot of the news that has been circulating in the radio business. Most of it worries me. People asking if Clubhouse is going to kill podcasting have it wrong - it stands to take the place of conversational and interactive talk radio. Other things I covered:

  • Geddy Lee from Rush is not happy with Rogers simulcasting Blue Jays games this year.

  • Entercom rebrands as Audecy; ditching in the process.

  • We are one year into the pandemic. Are you done with it yet?

  • How are you using Clubhouse?

  • I've been having crazy radio dreams

  • The Sound Off Media Company celebrates our 6th birthday.

  • Radio station cutbacks are weird. Do you say sorry or congrats? And do you say it to those you left or those who stayed?


I also asked you to check out this excellent piece from Jon Gay who has appeared on our podcast before. Jon is the owner of Jag In Detroit Podcasts and if you hate me, Jon is great person to launch your podcast.


Fred Jacobs has a couple of great blogs that we kind of touched on it this episode. Including the "Dead Air" dream that plagues every radio person. In a flash of coincidence, the same day this episode was published, Fred had a blog about Geddy Lee and how he thinks it's a bad decision by Rogers to cut the radio broadcast time and replace them with the TV simulcast.


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