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Stop Beating Down Pete Carroll and play call.

Updated: Dec 11, 2019


It took about ten seconds for the media to start killing the Seattle Seahawks on their play calling after Russell Wilson threw the interception of Death.

Chris Collinsworth was first, followed by Al Michaels, followed be every Seahawk fan ever.

Here's the deal. Y'all need to give it a rest. You're sounding like Amateurs.

Have you been following the Seahawks? This is the team that goes for the jugular. They could have played it safe and kicked a FG against Green Bay but let their Field Goal kicker float a duck to the endzone. It's brilliant because he made it, if he doesn't, you're watching Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl.

Have you done the math? In the NFL, there were 109 pass plays from the 1 yard line. ZERO PICKS all year.

And I've seen the Youtube videos of Seahawks fans chanting beast mode - if everyone thinks Marshawn Lynch is getting the ball, isnt that when you don't give the ball to Marshawn Lynch? Also, Marshawn Lynch from the one yard line - he got stuffed a ton this year.

Also, Bill Billicheck had the Patriots practicing for that play in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. He knew the Seahawks would probably do that from the one yard line... you didn't.

Ergo, Bill Billichick is smarter than you. And just one play smarter than Pete Carroll.

It's amazing how history manages to point the finger to the wrong guy. Somehow it's Bill Buckner's fault when Calvin Shraldi gave up hits and Bob Stanley uncorked wild pitches. The two of them only had to combine for three outs to win the 86 world series for the Red Sox. They managed 2.

Watch the replay. And maybe you'll see a great defensive play and remember who actually made it.....



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