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What Are You Doing AFTER The Show?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Matt Cundill Bear

What can you do with the stuff that did not make it air? Or the stuff you left out because it just was too outrageous? Maybe there is material that does not air because the content did not fit in the moment.

One show that does a good job in using every last morsel is the Paul Brown Show at 100.3 The Bear in Edmonton. An online segment called Off Mic that spends a few minutes unloading all the B and XXX material. While it's nothing more than an extension of what aired earlier on the show - it is a way for listeners to engage after the show.

Click here to see an example. It's sponsored by a gun shop which is very Alberta. Don't worry, the commercial will not turn any Liberal into a Conservative.

Before you declare there is no money in your station budget, your general manager will have a tough time saying no if it can be sponsored. The hosts have the segment ready on a daily basis, giving viewers a reason to come back.

What are you providing your audience after your show to get them to come back tomorrow?


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