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Effective Uses of Periscope for Radio

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Periscope had its coming out party over the weekend with thousands pulling in live streams of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Watching a live stream through a cell phone camera of a TV in a stranger's home is hardly quality stuff. However, the app soared to a whole new level in the world of "must have" apps.

Cundill - Periscope

Here are some effective methods some radio personalities are using to enhance their shows with Periscope:

Terry Evans & Bill Cowen with Bryn Smyth and producer Scotty Ballantyne: Every morning, the show activates Periscope on multiple occasions including the entertainment report and sports with Bryn Griffiths. Periscope's automatic tweet reminds K-97's Twitter followers to join the show and get the sports content Terry's audience is on Twitter looking for.

K97 Radio Periscope

The show also conducts an after show broadcast entitled "12 More Minutes with Terry and Steve". On the morning of May 6th, they conducted a therapy session with Albertans, after a monumental provincial election. Terry has long been a voice of reason to his listeners and he used the time to remind them to calm down.

Mike McIntyre: Author and broadcaster Mike McIntyre is best known for reporting crime in the Winnipeg Free Press. He also has a national radio show. Mike spends a lot of time in court and live tweets while it is in session. Two great things Mike does with Periscope: (1) He provides a live stream from the media scrum after court lets out. (2) He does a Q&A session with followers on court proceedings for certain high profile cases. Mike's followers are already following him and the case on Twitter, and makes full use of Periscope's chat feature to respond to his followers.

Mike McIntyre Winnipeg

Periscope is a great tool to further your brand after the show. No one does live media better than radio performers because their work is predominantly live. In the coming year, it will be those people discovering successful branding methods. No longer can you rely on the excuse that your station "didn't have budget" for video equipment. If you are not ready to broadcast, download the app and view how some people are using it to enhance their profile. It's free.


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