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Knowing who you are interviewing prevents uncomfortable moments. (Duh!)

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Nothing quite beats the pomp of a celebrity arriving in a small town. From the early days of any broadcaster's career, you are taught to go and tell the story that people are talking about and want to know more about. Yesterday Snopp Dogg landed in Truro and the CBC stuck a microphone in front of him.

Now if you are not familiar with Snoop Dog, he is an incredibly talented rap artist who was discovered by Dr. Dre in 1992 and released a #1 album called Doggy Style in 1993. If rap isn't your thing, you can be forgiven not knowing the regrettable lyrics found in his music. Simple research would show you that he has made a career out of degrading women and rapping about it. He showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards with two women on a leash and has a line of Girl's Gone Wild Videos.

Cundill Snoop

Perhaps we believe that Snoop is now a changed man since this article in Urban Belle magazine.

Add to that, his Canadian entourage are the Trailer Park Boys, who are known on their TV show for smoking weed, selling weed, and trying to find weed, all in the confines of a Nova Scotia trailer park. Over the years, they have conducted their promotional interviews in character.

So why the surprise when he comments about how "thick" he finds the reporter and says about the camera operator, "I like your camera girl, too. She's thick. Damn. "?

In the end, the broadcaster is getting the clicks, Snoop Dog and the Trailer Park Boys remain on brand, and the upcoming tenth season of the Trailer Park boys gets great promotion.

The CBC story does not mention that the camera operator is married to Mike Clattenburg, who is the creator and director of the Trailer Park Boys. That may be irrelevant to the incident, but it makes for an interesting bedtime conversation at the Clattenburg residence. The bottom line is: Know who you are interviewing before you interview them. Take for example Mike Tyson. If you are going to interview him - expect this to happen.


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