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Colin Cowherd: Flailing NFL QB's Should Go to the CFL

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Yesterday on IHeartRadio's The Herd, host Colin Cowherd suggested that the CFL is a great place for clipboard carrying NFL Quarterbacks like Tim Tebow and Johnny Maziel to revive their languishing careers. For whatever reason, the CFL has done a lousy job of selling the benefits of playing in the CFL. I will leave the reasons as to why, to the Rick Moffat's and Bob Irving's of the world, but it's time for both leagues to come up with the quarterback strategy that benefits both leagues.

Cundill Moon

"I don't understand this. Go to the Canada..."

Colin had Warren Moon on the air as well and they touched on the CFL. While Warren Moon says the league is in good shape, TSN suffered through some low ratings this summer, and a big part of the CFL problem is lousy quarterback play.

Think of it as a 15 minute endorsement for the CFL.

Have a great Grey Cup week!


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