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Staggered Crossing forced a change in Canadian Bankruptcy Law?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

In 2000, I was introduced to Julian Taylor and the band Staggered Crossing through their song "Further Again". In the years that past, Julian went on to run a music label and I had number of interactions and musical discussions over projects on the Bent Penny Records label. Here is Julian playing the song for Heartstrings TV in the front room at Dora Keogh's In Toronto.

In this morning's daily FYI Music Newsletter, in a segment called "Five Questions with... Julian Taylor", he revealed that the band had a hand in changing Canadian bankruptcy law.

"Only a handful of people know this, but back when I was still in Staggered Crossing, my bandmates and I actually had a hand in amending Canadian bankruptcy law. This is something that benefits not only musicians, but anyone who is considered a curator with rights to intellectual property. We were one of the acts that got caught up in the Song Corp bankruptcy and at the time the law stated that if a company went out of business then they would be allowed to use and sell unpublished works as an asset. Alongside our management (Bumstead) at the time, and (Peter Steinmetz) one of the country’s most respected lawyers, we argued that the ownership of unpublished compositions should revert back to the composers. We won, and since then that is what the law states. It also includes demo recordings, lyrics and lead sheets. It was a big win for us, and a big win for Canadian artists."

You can read the other 4 questions here, and I would encourage you to subscribe to the FYI daily Newsletter and get the latest info delivered to your inbox daily.


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