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The CHOM Christmas Show with Justin Trudeau

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Terry Dimonte loves Christmas.

The Friday before Terry Dimonte and Heather Backman depart for vacation, the CHOM 97.7's airwaves fill Montreal with Christmas songs, visits from friends and many notable dignataries. Shortly after the invention of the Ipod in 2002, Terry's longtime friend Justin Trudeau would bring his in and play songs from Jeff Buckley, Sarah McLaughlin and anything else he had recently added.

Throughout the years, the show is Terry's way of saying Merry Christmas before we all scurry into the malls, only to re-emerge in a new month and in a new year. The show has all the feel of that last day of school with gift exchange, an ugly Christmas sweater, and hot chocolate.

Backman Trudeau

This year was special. Many listeners can be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Trudeau had busier things to do today than make the annual appearance. But like Terry has always said about his good friend Justin. "Don't underestimate him."

Below is the link to the full 19 minutes of the Prime Minister's appearance on the show. It is great radio. It concludes with him choosing Reuben and the Dark's "Bow and Arrow."

FACEBOOK COMMENT: (Anna Durante) I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Christmas show this morning, you guys are amazing. I absolutely enjoyed the time with our PM, it was wonderful to hear him so relaxed and enjoying himself. So because of the song he recommended I look up Reuben and the Dark and have put their CD on my Christmas wish list, I really enjoy their sound and was not familiar with them. Once again, thank you and have a safe and joyful time during the holidays.


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