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Update from Head Office

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Cundill Meeting

I am looking forward to the next few weeks which will be full of meeting great people, working on projects and having conversations about the future of audio and digital media.

First, I will be heading east to meet with new clients and ingratiate myself with their people. I love working with new stations and sharing the ideas that will make for great ratings. I documented a lot about what goes on during these trips in a blog last year. The greatest success about these trips is found in the feedback we give one another. (Yes there's a blog about that too)

Last year I wrote in fascination about the Podcast Movement that had taken place in Dallas. I had no idea such a thing existed until my cousin, who works outside the industry, said a co-worker was attending. I spent a good chunk of my fishing trip wondering if I should be in Dallas instead of Northern Quebec. Once I managed to hook my hand, I resolved that I would go to Chicago for Podcast Movement 16. Radio has largely ignored this conference until this year. Now radio is beginning to figure out that anything involving audio needs to be considered for their brand purposes. If you are in radio and don't believe that the next generation of radio talent is either podcasting or in attendance, you are part of the problem.

Cundill conclave

July 13-July 15 I will be attending the 41st Conclave in Minneapolis. A more traditional radio conference with a keen eye on the future. I am very much looking forward to the podcast session, Stephanie Friedman discussing the latest on streaming insights and catching up on website presences with Socast who have done an amazing job with many radio station websites around the world.

Finally, I recently launched a podcast called the Sound Off Podcast. Please subscribe on ITunes and if you have idea you would like discussed on the podcast - please e-mail me here.


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