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Todd Hancock's Transition from Radio to Podcast

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


​Todd Hancock was a fixture on Vancouver radio for 14 years before being restructured out of his job in June 2014. Todd was offered a few jobs across the country but realized that rather than trying to re-establish his personal brand on-air in another market, it was more lucrative to carry forward with what he had already established. And do it through podcasting.

His podcast features three guests: One from Sports, Music, and another from Entertainment. You can forgive Todd for the Vancouver-centric feeling of the podcast; after all, that's where his sponsors and the biggest chunk of his audience reside. However, the podcast has allowed him to stretch his brand across the country and around the world.

Toddcast Cundill Podcast

My fast and bold prediction is that when a Podcast Network gets started in Canada, Todd will be one of the first sign-ups.

Click on the ToddCast Podcast Logo and subscribe to his podcast.


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