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The Podcast Movement Recap and Show Prep

PM16 Cundill

This week I give you my take on the Podcast Movement and do a little Remedial Media about podcasting and its future.

I also mentioned during the podcast that if you are in radio, you might be interested in its future and how radio will be offered on the car dash. Jacobs Media is now 3 episodes in on their podcast, the Dash: The Future in the Connected Car with host Seth Resler.

Pepper Prep Cundill

Shika Cundill Pepper Prep

We chat with Shika Rebecca about her show prep service Pepper Prep. From the moment she answered the phone, she will full of energy. If you are in radio or podcast, this is an affordable show prep service. Shika Rebecca came up with the idea of Pepper Prep back in 2014 while she was filling in for the morning show. She was staying up later and getting prep and thought it would be nice to find an affordable prep service. After trying different services she found none of them suited her needs or were out of her price range. So with over 10 years of radio broadcast experience she decided to start her own. She has also started a podcast called Peppercast where you can get the lowdown in just a few minutes. At the very least, follow her service on Facebook and Twitter for free prep.

H.A. David Morrison Cundill

We also big adieu to a great radio engineer. H.A. David Morrison died last month in Kentville, Nova Scotia. He instilled his love of sound upon all those who worked with him. Dave would not have been happy with the sound of the original version of this podcast, which is why I had it redone. Radio people past and present created a wonderful tribute to Dave; you may not have known Dave, but you will feel as though you did through the power of audio. Dave would be pleased to know that I have brought Evan Surminski on board to oversee (overhear?) production of this podcast and make sure it is the best possible listening experience for you. That just leaves the host as the largest contributor to tune out. (Which, all things considered, is the way it should be)

cundill yappy

The Sound Off Podcast would like to thank our sponsor Yappy. If your business would like to add a texting component for customer contact, click on their logo below. For advertising enquiries, please e-mail us.


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