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Show Me The (Podcast) Money

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

There are days when it feels like the gold rush. The hunt for money in the new frontier of streaming, podcasting and just about anything online. This week, it's one for the sales department as we are introduced to the world of monetizing podcasts with Sean Carr, who is a co-founder of Los Angeles based Art19 that is exploring podcasting advertising solutions and has recently taken the steps to enhance audience measurement beyond downloads. Sean is originally from Montreal and sees Canada as fertile territory for podcasting.

A new feature on the podcast! "Yup! There's a Podcast for That!" In our inaugural edition, Mac Prichard tells us about his podcast called "Find Your Dream Job". There are episodes dedicated to helping people overcome their short comings to help them find the job they have always wanted.

Although the website and job listings are local to Portland, Oregon, the information he provides is universal.

If you would like to have your podcast featured, please e-mail me.


I would like to thank our sponsor Karta House Stationery & Design for making this episode possible. If you need business cards, a logo, or stationery for your business, please consider them.


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