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Life with the Connected Car

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

You have heard all about the connected car and threats of its arrival.

Well It's here.

Radio is disappearing from the car dash board and is being replaced by a computer. When you think about it - that puts my podcast on equal footing in the car with your radio station. Something to consider.

There's a 12 part podcast produced by Jacob's Media, who are actively tracking the progress of the connected car. It's a must listen series for those in radio. If you don't understand the connected car - radio is going get complicated. Seth Resler writes online strategies for on air pros on his website; he also does the digital media consulting at Jacobs Media and is the host of their podcast: Dash - The Future of Radio in the Connected Car.

Seth also has a regular column in All Access.


Also, Fall Ratings starts and Canada's diary markets feature something new. Online Diary submissions. Ross Davies and Natasha Arzumanian from Numeris answer our questions.


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