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Reading Writing & Voiceover with David Tyler

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

David Tyler is the voice of CTV National News and W5 in Canada, and various stations across the United States. David spent some time talking about his stint in radio and he discusses the myths and realities of the voiceover industry as it undergoes a change in the digital revolution. I first met David in 1992 in Montreal when he was the midday host at FM96.

We also stress the importance of writing to a broadcaster and think Writing Class Radio would be a great podcast broadcaster could participate in to improve their writing. A few times I have found myself engaged enough to the podcast to get up and write.

During our Skype chat, David called the idea of pen and paper, an "Idea generator". So often I see broadcast studios devoid of pen and paper with proud programmers who declare it paperless. When you are performing live, you need to have a pen and paper nearby to insert the gold into the show. Your mind did not stop creating once the show started.

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Check out David's IMDb page as he has been in many projects in the past few years as an Announcer. He has been in many projects such as CTV News Specials about COVID and even a video game called Transference.


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