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Hal Anderson is Back on 680 CJOB

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

He shouldn't have been fired to begin with. There. I said what everyone knows.

For the 34th instalment of the Sound Off Podcast, I took the show on the road for the first and drove south past the perimeter to find Hal had not only fled St. Boniface, but also added a beautiful studio to his thriving Hal Anderson Productions. We managed to cover everything in the one hour we spent together. Including his relationships management, his co-hosts, and two of the more famous stunts he was involved in: The naked girl on a bike and being crowned 34th Greatest Canadian of All Time.

Hal Anderson returns to 680 CJOB February 4th at 7am for weekends. He will also be filling in from time to time for others on the station.


Bonus Bit! There was also the famous Power 97 Wheeler and Hal prank they pulled on the Wolf in Regina.


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