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TJ Connors Elected to the White House of Rock

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

TJ Connors and I have crossed paths a few times. The first was he travelled to Winnipeg in 2009. Then he was the morning host at the Wolf in Peterborough. He asked to come down and see the station I was programming at the time, Power 97. It was the same building where his dad, the legendary Scruff Connors, had pulled the infamous Miami Superbowl Stunt. TJ is now working afternoons at HTZ-FM in Saint Catherines, Ontario at the legendary "White House of Rock". It is the station that his dad helped make famous in the early 90''s when Rock Radio was going full throttle.

In 2012, I hired TJ to be the morning host at Power 97. It was really a no-win situation for him having to follow the popular morning show that had left an indelible mark on the station. Combine that with a company that was clearly in radio programming free fall, and TJ found his footing programming Country 103 in Kamloops, British Columbia. (Disclosure: I was consulting the NL Radio group at that time, but not a part of the hiring committee)

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Thanks Jason Barrett from Barrett Sports Media who is a regular guest on this show. His podcast episode 5 features an excellent breakdown of Edison's Infinite Dial research.

By the way - if your sports property is not performing at the level you would like, call him at (845) 458-8448

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