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The Wild & Crazy Radio Life of J.C. Douglas

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

He has been a staple on the radio in Halifax since the mid-80's. J.C. Douglas spent the first 28 Years of his Halifax radio career at Q104, a few years at 89.9 The Wave, and is now a host on the everlasting C100 morning show with Peter Harrison and Melody Rose.

There have been some radio cases where you go up against yourself. Scott Shannon's early 90's return to New York at WPLJ meant he would have to take on the station he was most associated with, Z100. Time has a way of fixing that and it's no different for J.C. who is doing what he does best: Working with the talented people around him to create the best radio. He does that now with the venerable Peter Harrison and Melody Rose on C100.

It's hard not to bring up the past, especially when it's a radio station with the history that Q104 has. It needs to be explained because most of Canada makes the mistake of ignoring Atlantic Canada. (Seriously, have you been there recently? Or at all?) I too am guilty of this. It took to episode 44 to have anyone from the Maritimes on; with exception to my good pal Darin Harvey from 89.3 K-Rock in Kentville who read a plea for money for me.

J.C. tells the story of the early days, getting on TV with David Letterman and Tom Snyder, the controversies over some avant-garde promotions, and knowing when to get attention. And listen to the end... I have added in a bonus bit involving the cast of WKRP.


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