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David Phillips from NLogic Offers up a Radio Reboot

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

David Phillips is the President and COO of NLogic. His discussions on data and surveys have been well received at media conferences, which spurned my interest in bringing David onto the podcast last fall. The timing was right this spring with the recent upgrades to the Lens product. His perspective is unique and refreshing; it will leave radio people wondering why we behave and think the way we do.

NLogic is a company that has been trying to get radio to look at itself differently. When a computer acts lethargic or bogged down, you reboot it. That's what radio needs right now. As David points out on the podcast this week, your radio station is not a number; it's a brand with an emotional connection. But are you stuck on the number and unable to tell the great story about your radio station?

It is only coincidence that this episode comes out the same week Jason Barrett from Barrett Sports Media penned a blog piece titled Radio's Illness is its Own Public Perception where he says, "If you don’t tell your story, someone else will, and once they control the narrative you won’t like the results."

Realigning our thinking about radio is a starting point to something greater. As David was talking to us during the podcast, it had the reassuring feeling of a data therapist letting you know everything is going to be okay. Excellent timing considering many are looking forward to the next Numeris data release.

If you have been in radio, say for 30 years, you will have encountered 100+ rating books. You will think about data differently after listening to the conversation with David. NLogic just unveiled some program additions to Lens, which has always been about what clients need. If you would like to use Lens, you can click here.


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