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The Canadian Audio Landscape

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

If you have not heard of Radio Connects, you can solve that problem by clicking on Sarah Garvie's photo to the left and book marking the webpage. Sarah and her team have been hard at work over the last year culling together radio's story for prospective advertisers, and they represent 540 radio stations in Canada. They commissioned Edison Research, authors of the popular Infinite Dial studies, to paint a picture of the Canadian Audio Landscape and assemble a "Share of Ear".

The news is overwhelmingly good for radio.

cundill radio connects edison

I had the chance to speak to Larry Rosin from Edison Research about the study, and we touched on some of the subtle differences between Canadians and Americans. I won't give away the whole show, but we are a little more connected to the radio than our southern neighbours.

We also speak with Lisa Dillon and Sarah Garvie who tell radio's story everyday to advertisers, and would love to hear yours.


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