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The Podcast Celebrates Its First Birthday

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The Sound Off Podcast celebrated its first birthday with the completion of Episode 52. Since its inception, the podcast about broadcast has put together weekly broadcast stories in podcast form. They range from discussions with the personalities who create the emotional connection with listeners and viewers, to the broadcast executives and consultants who champion the industry through the digital revolution.

"I became fascinated with podcast after attending Podcast Movement 16 in Chicago. I also love working with radio brands on their product, and the Sound Off Podcast became a way to experiment with the podcast medium and connect with broadcasters simultaneously," said Matt Cundill, the show's creator and host.

cundill soundoff

"Podcast and broadcast complement each other well, although both industries have been tepid embracing one another. Radio especially needs to find its place in the on demand world and podcast can play in big role in that." The podcast's second year kicked off exploring that subject with Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media ­– whose company is hosting sessions at Podcast Movement 17 in Anaheim August 23-25 – called Broadcaster Meet Podcaster.

Matt Cundill will explore this topic further at the Conclave 42, where he will be discussing the podcast explosion on a panel with Samara Freemark, Senior Producer for APM Reports' investigative podcast In the Dark, and Rob Greenlee, Head of Content at Spreaker.

The Sound Off Media Company Inc. recently expanded by adding Lauren Siddall as social media marketer to the company. Aside from marketing the podcast on social media, Lauren works with radio stations on their social media strategies.

"Social Media is an important facet to the success in any brand, whether it's for our radio clients or the podcast. I am really pleased to have strengthened the podcast's online presence," said Lauren Siddall.


Want to know more about podcasting? Matt Cundill 1-204-414-5541 or BOOK HERE Want to know more about promoting your brand on social media? Lauren Siddall 1-204-799-0240 The Sound Off Media Company Inc. is the home of the Sound Off Podcast and Matt Cundill Voiceovers.


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