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Podcasts Made by Radio

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The following are examples of podcasts that are created by radio (stations or personalities) that extend beyond the airwaves. To qualify for this list, shows must be promoted by the station, air content in podcast form that DID NOT previously air on terrestrial radio, or be repackaged on air content. They must also be available on Apple Podcasts because frankly, you're not podcasting unless you are on Apple Podcasts.

To access each these podcasts via Apple Podcasts, just click on the respective image. In no particular order:

Inspiration Inc.

Who: Donna Saker & Davender Gupta

Station: 92.5 The Beat in Montreal

Description: Inspiration Inc. is the story of ten local business women who decided to transform their own lives and change the world. Work-life balance, sacrifices, ambitions, obstacles and further projects are only some chapters of their amazing stories. These brilliant women are going to open themselves up for a relevant, interesting, and most importantly, inspiring success story!

Why it Works: The series speaks to the radio station's target demo and by limiting the first season to 10 episodes, it alleviates the pressure to continually create and allows time to evaluate before the next season.

Sponsored: Yes! National Bank


Coffee Never Means Coffee

Who: Tim Dickert, Claire Allen and Matt Lee.

Station: CKNW 980 Vancouver

Description: Coffee Never Means Coffee is a CKNW original podcast that tackles the ins and out of relationships, romantic or otherwise, from the differing perspectives of a married father of two in his 30's and a single guy in his 20's.

Why it Works: The Podcast is the brainchild of Program Director Larry Gifford who hosts a weekly podcast of his own called "The Radio Stuff Podcast". Larry encourages his staff to create podcasts. He says about this one: "It works because these millennials are at different stages in relationships as are their friends and they're vulnerable in sharing their person and often ruthless in their evaluation of each other's choices and behaviours."

Tim, Matt and Clare all work at CKNW on air.

Sarah And Vinnie Secret Show

Who: Sarah Clarke and Vinnie Hasson

Station: Alice 97.3 San Francisco

Description: It's not for work. It's not for kids. But it is fun!

Why It Works: Podcast is about authenticity. There is subject matter that won't work on contemporary radio that do work in podcast. Sarah and Vinnie have managed to get their feet wet in both pools. They have created a "Secret Show" that feels underground, after show, risque at times, and fun. They are also doing live podcast shows which is become lucrative for many podcast brands.


Celebration Rock

Who: Steven Hyden of

Station: 93X (Co-presented by

Description: Noted Music Writer Steven Hyden talks with rock stars and the America's biggest music writers about what’s happening in rock.

Why It Works: Podcast always works well for personalities with a following. The podcast targets audiophiles and music fans in one of the most America's most progressive music cities. Rock Radio has passionate music fans and this podcast is a place for those to engage in a qualified modern rock discussion. I listened to an episode that featured Steven and 93X Program Director Derek Madden debate whether Radiohead's OK Computer was the best CD in the last 20 years. (It's not by the way) The podcast evokes strong passion from fans around the world; one check of the reviews would confirm that.

Sponsored: Yes! Seat Geek and many other of the traditional podcast advertisers like like Blue Apron, Harry's, Ziprectuiter, etc.

Of note: Derek has a podcast of his own calted "The Toy Department". He teams up with KNBR’s (San Francisco), Matt Kolsky, to discuss the best of the good stuff: Music, movies, TV, sports, and more. Like Larry Gifford, Derek is a Radio PD that has commandeered the podcast space with passion.


The Word of Wheeler

wheeler cundill

Who: Dave Wheeler, Morning Show Host

Station: 92 CITI-FM in Winnipeg

Description: Winnipeg Morning Show Host Dave Wheeler goes deeper into the stories that interest him and with in depth interviews and discussion that he can't possibly cover at such an early hour on the radio. (Okay, that's not the actual description but it should be. The station simply put "Dave Wheeler from 92.1 CITI" which is a missed opportunity for those surfing for podcasts. The station should use key words to capture podcast listeners beyond the station)

Why It Works: Dave's show is pretty tight. Between the guests, the personalities and the fact it doubles as a TV show, this allows more freedom for Dave to create an interesting weekly show. Wisely, he releases it on Friday so that listeners have the weekend to listen. Best of Weekend show - be damned! This is better.

Sponsored: Somewhere between periodically and sporatically.


Issue Zero Podcast

Who: Fearless Fred

Station: 102.1 The Edge in Toronto

Description: Hosted by "Fearless” Fred Kennedy, this podcast covers anything geeky, nerdy or just plain awesome. Interviews with TV creators, movie stars, acclaimed comic book writers, video game designers (and everything in between).

Why It Works: Fred is a nerd. He owns it. Outside of the celebrity appearances on the podcasts, there isn't much that is a true fit as content on Toronto's modern rock station. The podcast has served Fred well in that it solidifies his on air brand that he dabbles as a nerd, but reinforces his ability to be a full time nerd to the nerds. Got it?

Sponsors: Unsure because I am not nerdy enough to listen to this podcast... yet.


You Get a Rose

marly cundill

Who: Marly McMillan

Station: MyTalk 107.1 Minneapolis (With Podcast One Minnesota)

Description: Marley McMillan from "Donna & Marley" on myTalk 107.1, along with a rotating cast of co-hosts, recaps the latest episodes of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" TV shows, along with any other silly spinoff they try and sell us. Who came for the right reasons? Who doesn't want to make friends? Who will accept the final rose?! It's all things Bachelor Nation on "You Get A Rose"!

Why It Works: Because program directors start to lose their minds by minute 5 of any Bachelor talk because they know that anyone who doesn't watch the show has fled. When hosts stop talking about the Bachelor after minute 5, listeners scream that they didn't cover enough. Put it on a podcast and problem solved. The fan base for the show is highly engaged on Twitter and there are opportunities to take a podcast like this and create a radio station / podcast promotion for the finale. Endless promotional opportunites.

Other Ideas: I have consulted a few stations who were interested in podcasting alongside the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise: Stations can do the podcast while the show is active and release one episode after every TV episode, or keep the podcast going during the off-season with celebrity appearances. (Eliminated contestants love to get their 16th minute of fame with podcast appearances.)

One radio group had the TV rights to the show and access to watching advance screenings. I suggested they record the podcast after an advance screening, run a crawler through the TV show that their Bachelor Podcast After Show will be released immediately at the show's conclusion. Recycle on the radio ad nauseum.


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