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Seth Resler Launching a New Podcast

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Seth Resler returns to our podcast this week to talk about his new podcast, The D-Brief. He has been working on launching the project for a number of months and Seth is using his radio experience to create a podcast that is tailored local, now, and happening. Much like the launch of any great project, it has its own sizzle reel that speaks to Detroit's resurgence.

The journey to Detroit started when he was hired by Jacob's Media to be their digital dot connector. He wasn't keen on moving to Detroit but he slowly became immersed into the city's rejuvenation. Seth tried his hand at stand up comedy and found himself amongst the company of comedians including Pontiac native Mike Geeter. They collaborated to on a 10 episode venture called the Detroit vs. Detroiters Podcast where Detroit comedians take on Comedy Central's new show, Detroiters. The podcast has been renewed for a second season, along with the show.

I am not sure if it is fair to say that the D-Brief is a spin off, but it is a project that has come together after a lot of forethought and rehearsals. The podcast has launched avoiding many of the mistakes performers make in the initial phase: Lack of role definition and digital strategy come to mind.

In this episode, you'll hear what preparation goes into the launch of a new podcast, as well as insight into what you need to consider before going forward with your podcast. Other things we touched on and promised you links to:

Seth's Co-host by the way is Michael Geeter; he has his own website.

Other Podcasts Seth is involved in:


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They encourage students to open up emotionally to increase the power of their written word. They are available through their website for corporate sessions and can even help your college kid write better papers.

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