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Jeff Vidler's Podcast & Gen-X Insights

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jeff Vidler’s company Audience Insights teamed up with Jeff Ulster and conducted a deep dive n podcasting. The study was commissioned by the Globe & Mail. The study’s goal is to help podcasters develop content strategy, increase opportunities for monetization and create a road map for growing a young and diverse new audience. There were questions about the types of podcasts consumed, where they listen to them, demographics, and the most interesting stat – when they started consuming podcasts. I’ll spoil it now – 74% of respondents said it was within the last 3 years, and 41% in the last year. Numbers like that speak volumes to podcasting’s ascension.

canadian podcast study cundill

"Podcast listeners show an appetite to hear more Canadian produced podcasts. Nearly half of all Canadian podcast listeners say they would like more about what Canadian podcasts are available. Four of the Top 10 podcasts listened to in the past month are Canadian."

Jeff will be appeared at the OAB Conference and offering insights on Generation X. This is an ample opportunity to take about the generation sandwiched between Boomers and Millennials. Now that they make up the 35-54 demographic, if they aren’t catered to now – they never will be.



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