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The Ruthless Restructuring of Jenna Mosher

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Full Disclosure: I totally helped myself to the title of this episode from an Ottawa Citizen Headline that you can read here.

Jenna Mosher and Jesse Reynolds were let go from Jump 106.9 in Ottawa days before the new fiscal year was about to begin in radio land. What ensued was a tsunami of online banter that took up the better part of September. For whatever reason, Ottawa doesn't like to be pushed around by Toronto; whether it's courtesy of the Maple Leafs, or head office. Also accelerating the flames is the choice of the morning duo's replacements. An American syndicated show out of Seattle. The move sends a number of possible messages including:

(1) We don't think we can find Canadians who are good enough to do this

(2) We don't feel like investing in this station at the local level anymore.

(3) We don't think we can catch the competition.

Some of these reasons might be true, half true, or some sort of mix and match combo of truth. Not lost in all this was waiting fort the right moment to speak to Jenna about her career in radio which has taken her from her hometown of Vancouver, to North Bay, Niagara and then Ottawa in 2014 where she was part of the launch team at Jump 106.9, which cashed out on 20 plus years of playing rock music on that frequency - a move the same company tried and retreated on in Winnipeg.


In this episode, you will get to find out neat things like how Jenna found her way to Ottawa and how she spent 4 years at Troy University in Alabama which set her up to cope with change and be an advocate for charity.

In the meantime - check out Jesse and Jenna's Messy Podcast which is producing episodes at a fast and furious pace. Click on the image to connect to the podcast.



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