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Osato "EDK" Edokpayi: Hello Nigeria!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

About 90 percent of this podcasts downloads come from two North American countries, Canada & the USA. But a look across the ocean shows the UK in a solid third with Australia and Nigeria tied for 4th, scoring higher than Ireland and New Zealand. I felt compelled to find out more about radio in Nigeria.

EDK is Osato Edokpayi from Abuja, Nigeria. He does the breakfast show at SoundCity in Nigeria's capital. Over the past year, we have been seeing some consistent downloads from the African nation. It is apparent that Nigerian radio is does a lot of things well and has a number of the same challenges that North American stations do. I asked EDK to tell us a little bit about the radio business in Nigeria and spent a few more minutes finding out about that whole Nigerian Prince e-mail scam, some of the foods that he loves, and some of the sports rivalries in the country. I would also like to say hello to everyone at Inspiration FM in Lagos, whom I follow on Instagram. I love seeing your Instagram Live stories.

The show is powered by Promosuite - which does serve Nigeria. Go paperless Nigeria!


Finally - I promised EDK that I would add the Jollaf rice recipe we spoke of to the show notes. Here's one I made.

Cundill Jollaff Rice


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