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The Very Speakable N@ Lauzon

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Nat Lauzon has been a mainstay on Montreal radio for almost 20 years. Her career path has moved in somewhat tidy cycles, spending her teen years working on air in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario while in high school. Then she worked at Toronto's Mix 99.9 while she was finishing her degree at Ryerson Polytechnic. In 1999, she jumped at the opportunity to move to Montreal to with Blair Bartrem at Mix 96. She did mornings up until 2002 and then took over the midday show and was pretty much number 1 in the city for the rest of the decade.

We also sounded like a retired couple talking about aches and pains and coping with what ails us. Although I didn't mention it in the show, I have some Tinnitus or some hearing loss as a result of a combination of skeet shooting, headphones, and rock concerts. Nat also has been coping with Vertigo and has posted some eye raising stuff.

Some of the stories Nat and I touch on in this episode can be found in the show I did with Blair Bartrem in Episode 75.

You can hear Nat weekends on Montreal's 92.5 the BEAT. Nat also has a voiceover company called Speakable and she is the voice of a number of TV ads, on hold systems, corporate ads, and often when you are on hold. She readily admits she records her first voice sessions of the day in her jammies, but she eventually gets dressed to walk the dogs.


The names of two dearly departed friends also came up in this episode including Mike Sinel who did promotions for stations like CHOM and Mix 96 in Montreal. Mike was brilliant in putting together countless Montreal promotions including the Zamboni run to Toronto.

Also we just surpassed the second anniversary of Andre Maisonneuve's passing. Andre worked at Mix 99.9, Mix 96 and was part of the launch of Live 88.5 in Ottawa up until his death. I speak for everyone who worked along side theses gentlemen, that they are truly missed.

That's Nat & Andre on the Zamboni run to Toronto, and Mike Sinel and myself in the Spring of 1992 when we worked at CHOM. Blair Bartem was doing promotions and insisted was instrumental in securing those awesome phones leftover from the Vietnam War.

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