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Amanda Logan from A to Z103.5

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Amanda Logan headed west in 2008 to Regina, Saskatchewan where she did evenings at 104.9 The Wolf. Amazingly, we still have audio from that era and it makes an appearance in this podcast. A few weeks ago, The evening personality at Toronto's Z103.5, got married and in lieu of a wedding present, I figured a podcast appearance would suffice. We talked about her journey west and then back east to the Big Smoke where she worked at Corus, CHUM-FM and now Evanov's flagship station Z103.5. She also was the 2013 winner of the Allan Waters Young Broadcaster of the Year award in memory of Steve Young.

We profiled Steve Young the best way we could by having JJ Johnston on to talk about him back in episode 39.

The last few years have seen Amanda add teaching, voiceover, yin yoga, pugs and now a husband to the roster. (She is also the imaging voice of a number of radio stations across North America and podcasts around the world)

This episode is powered by Promosuite who we thank for being perpetually awesome!


I mentioned during the show that Amanda showed up at Rock on the Range in Winnipeg. After we gave her backstage access I gave her the bad news that she was now going to do a few band interviews. "You didn't think these passes were free did you?" It was really about getting Amanda out of her comfort one in that moment. She did a great job that day and I never forgot how she didn't shy away from the challenge.

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