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Lianne Laing: Jumping Without a Parachute

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Lianne Laing knew there was a moment when she would have to make the jump. After many years of battling a 3:40am wake call to fulfill a role in television secondary to her original passion sports, change was inevitable. In November 2017, she left on her own accord and launched her website Lianne Laing - complete with a weekly podcast and You Tube Channel.

Her guests are all leaders in the field of medicine, health, sports, nutrition and science.


Lianne herself was a varsity athlete at the University of Massachusetts, and continues to lead and active lifestyle today. She started her career at CHRO in Ottawa and shifted from sports to morning show host. I asked her about her first year as CEO of her own company and what lies ahead for 2019. Lianne and Friends' Awaken A Better You Cruise was October 20, 2019. Here are the highlights of what happened while sailing up the Danube.



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