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Bob Willette: Bob's Basement

Bob Willette got his start in commercial radio working alongside Humble and Fred at 102.1 The Edge back in the late 90's. He started as an intern but later produced the show and followed them over to the Mix 99.9 in the 2000's. After Humble and Fred had this very strange separation, he was "excused" from his position as producer and went on to work at Proud-FM for nearly 9 years, serving as the program director for the planet's first commercially licensed radio station to serve the LGBTQ Community. This part alone is worth the listen as Bob talks fondly of the radio that was made and said he could easily write a book about it. There were further opportunities at 94.9 The Rock in Oshawa, Bell in Toronto and Kitchener, and now Corus radio in Kingston, Ontario.

In this episode, I wanted to know how he continues to persevere in one of the world's most volatile business' which is adversely affect by a pandemic. I also wanted to hear all about "Bob's Basement" which is his new podcast. You can connect to the show below.


There are a few ways to connect to Bob's Show - you know like through Apple and Google. But you can also click FOLLOW on Spotify because everyone seems they are set to take over the world soon.


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