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Brooklyn Driediger: Virgin Radio Vancouver

Brooklyn Driediger is the midday and weekend host at Virgin 94.5 in Vancouver. She first caught my attention on social media... her feeds look so clean and the Reels so real. Her show is the same by the way. We spent a Sunday afternoon talking about her radio journey from the British Columbia Institute of Technology to Kelowna where she worked the cruiser, and then back to Vancouver where she worked her way to Virgin radio.

In this episode, you'll find out how she wound up taking Radio and Broadcast at BCIT, her reservations about moving away, and what she learned from programming stalwarts like Bob Mills and Curtis Strange. We also got into discussions about the use of social media and why it's becoming more and more a mystery. Brooklyn also evaluated our instagram page which you should be following here.

We also talked at the outset about the Nirvana poster hanging in back of Brooklyn while we were recording the show. Many will be horrified to grasp that the poster is older than Brooklyn.


Brooklyn said she grew up on a family farm and check out these wonderful berries from Driediger Farms!


We also talked about thrift shopping and second hand purchases. I might have mentioned a consignment store in Winnipeg and Vancouver called So Over It.

If you are looking at unloading your high end purses, clothing or accessories, check this out.


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