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Carrie Doll: On the Air, In the Chair

You will understand why the title of the episode refers to "the Chair" when you hear the show. Carrie Doll was someone I met in the late 90's at CFRN Television in Edmonton. She was a reporter and later a news anchor. She covered the events of 9/11 from the anchor desk in Calgary and learned how to report without a script. Back then the news came at you fast and the last 280 characters were a lot different than the next 280 characters. The youngest of ten children from Fairview, Alberta, Carrie was a natural when it came to communicating and public speaking. She had an incredible run on CFRN-TV in the anchor chair alongside Daryl McIntyre. We spoke about "the Chair" in the physical and metaphorical sense. With so many great broadcasters having occupied the chair previously, Carrie knew that sitting in it required great responsibility.

In this episode we re-connected for the first time in 18 years and took a small walk down broadcasters row in Edmonton. We spoke about the people who sat before her on CFRN-TV (Daphne Kuhn, Leslie Miller, Shawna Randolph) and others who graced the Edmonton airwaves who have gone on to larger markets. (Todd Battis, Tara Nelson, Darren Dutchyshen, Catherine MacDonald, Brian Mudryk, Graham Richardson, Ian Leonard, Pat Kiernan, and so many more)

Today, Carrie hosts a weekly podcast called the Inner Circle which you should connect to here.


What's Carrie Doing Now?


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