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Chris Ash: Now Heard Around The World

It's not often that we hear a British accent on the radio in Canada. Especially outside of Toronto, or maybe Vancouver, most of our talent is home-grown. Chris Ash is a notable exception to that rule. Chris was born and raised in the UK, attending Staffordshire University and beginning his broadcasting career in Kettering, close to London. After only a few years, he made the journey to Canada, landing in Yorkton, Saskatchewan in 2016 and crushing it in Canadian broadcast ever since.

But if you think Chris is just another disk jockey, you'd be wrong. We've talked a lot on this show about the evolving nature of the Broadcast industry, and how it needs to move forward with the times. Chris has been at the forefront of such evolution for his entire career. One of his main roles at Connect FM in Kettering was to manage their social media, and he did a bang-up job; their largest Facebook posts during his time at the station were reaching over 130,000 shares. Not bad for a city of only 63,000 people.

While his career as a radio personality is about as successful as anyone could ask for, he hasn't been resting on his laurels. In more recent years, Chris has leveraged his penchant for internet notoriety to expand his portfolio. He now offers commissions for professional voiceover work on Fiverr, as well as continuing to advertise his background in social media and video production.

In this episode, I speak to Chris about his journey from the UK to Saskatchewan, and eventually to Winnipeg, where he is now. You'll hear about his humble beginnings in Kettering, how he fell in love with broadcasting, and the way he honed his skills through years of hard work- along with a dash of pure charisma.


If you want to learn more about Chris, you can check out his LinkedIn or visit his Personal Website. You can also contact him there if you're looking to hire a warm, professional English voice for an upcoming project.

If you want to hear Chris Ash live, tune in to 94.3 NOW! Radio in Winnipeg, weekdays from 9am to 2pm.

Check out some of Chris' previous Facebook videos below:




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