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Christian Hall: More Than Radio

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

There's a reason why Christian Hall thinks differently. He has to. He is the National Program Director for Harvard Broadcasting which is a radio company first. He oversees multiple alternative stations; a format which doesn't even exist a number of top ten markets in Canada, and he believes that talent development is about air checks, and feedback. (We went into large detail in our first episode with him which you can find here). That might be a reason there is very little turn over with the on-air staff.

I took care of the messy question about the Corus v. Harvard legal case that ended with a rebrand to Play 107 in Edmonton a few weeks ago. (Personally, I think Corus did them a favour - now it feels and sounds like Power, only an updated version)

This time around we spoke about the rise of alternative radio in both Edmonton and Calgary, and we discussed the new continuous measurement system for diary markets, and what is on the line if the CRTC moves ahead on a review of the radio regs. We also talked about X929's new marketing campaign, which I found out has been adopted across the company.

It's clear that the radio is not the only way to enjoy the station. Christian recalls James Cridland's presentation at Canadian Music Week last year, that spurned more than one good idea he took home to Calgary.


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