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Dahlia Kurtz: On A Mission

The last time we spoke to Dahlia - she was on her way out of Winnipeg and on her way east. She landed at CJAD for a time and then to CFRA in Ottawa where she hosted "The Goods". You see, she is a social good advocate, talk show host, actor, producer, and more. Dahlia has never paid attention to silly rules. When she interned at the CBC she was told that CBC never hires interns. She later broke a story about police brutality, they were impressed and hired her on the spot. She then travelled the world for TV hosting opportunities, through this she felt the pressures of body image from being an on-screen talent. So she decided to create Canada's first body image awareness program for girls. She called it 'Bye-Bye, Barbie!'. Unfortunately, she was recently laid off just a few weeks ago, and her show "The Goods" cancelled. And that's too bad because broadcast radio needs this show.

In this episode, you will hear Dahlia talk about her experience getting laid off from her job and the outpouring of support from her listeners. She shares a profoundly touching story from when she tried to help a little girl at this school who was getting bullied. Dahlia further talks about her use of social media networks to market the content she creates. She talks about how she got closure with her talk show 'The Goods' as doing her final episode was a very satisfying experience for her.


You can reach Dahlia through her website, Instagram, and Twitter.


Here is a tweet showcasing a short audio clip from one of Dahlia's shows. She invited one of her listeners in and he had something very profound to say.

Ray who is a 74-year-old man talks about how what truly matters in life is the people you love and the people who love you.

The audio clip is only 1 minute long and I would give it a listen as it really stuck with me.



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